Zip Code Lookup

In EasyStreets, you do not enter the city, state and zip code for each account.  Instead, you enter each Zip Code only once along with it’s City and State Abbr. in the Zip Code Lookup list.  You will want to enter all zip code lookup information for each zip code before entering the accounts.  Then when an account is entered, simply select the appropriate Zip Code from the drop down list.  Besides saving valuable time when entering accounts, it will save hard drive space and ensure uniformity in city names and zip codes.

Entering Zip Code Lookups

1)  From the “View” menu choose “Zip Code Lookups”

2)  Click on the “Add New” button.

3)  Now enter the Zip code, City, and 2 letter State Abbr.

4)  If Periodicals are subject to sales tax in the zip code area, enter the percentage (i.e. 7.25) if not enter 0 (zero)

5)  Now hit the <Enter> key to record the new zip.

Editing a Zip Code Lookup

1)  Select the Zip Code from the Lookup List and it will appear in the edit boxes on the top of the form.

2)  Enter the desired changes and hit the <Enter> key to record the changes.

Below is an image of the Zip Code Lookup Form.