Vending Machine Collection Reports

Below is an image of the Collection Report Dialog.

The Collection Form will Appear first.  Check the boxes of the Accounts or Collection Groups to include on the report.  If no boxes are checked, it is assumed that all Accounts/Groups are to be included on the report.  Noe click on the “Reports” button.

Now the Collection Report dialog will appear.  From here, you will need to set  the dates for the reporting period.

Select the appropriate “tab”, group tab or account tab, depending on which to base the report.

Choose whether to sort first by tax rate or month.

Choose whether to include all groups/accounts or only the selected(checked) ones.

Check the “Show Totals Only” box, If the collection detail is not requires.

Check the “Show Hold Percentage” to display the “Hold Pct.” column on the report.

Now click on the “Print” button to display the report in a window. From here, you can print, e-mail, or save as a file, any portion of the report.