Route List Printing Options

Route List “Account Name” font Settings

These font settings will affect only the account names on the route list, which appear in the leftmost column of the route list.

Route List “Draw Column” font Settings

These font settings will affect only the column headings and the draw figures for each publication column.

Font Name:           Set to your preferred font.

Font Size:             Set the preferred font to the desired size.

Font Bold:             Check this box, to make the font bold.

Font Italic:             Check this box, to make the font italic.

Underline:             Check this box, to underline the font.

Maximum Rows Per Page

This will tell EasyStreets how many rows you want per route list page.  The fewer rows per page, the more room (height) per row for entering return figures.  If the font size and style you have selected does not fit into the row and overlaps into another row, then lower this figure, to increase the height of the row.

Maximum Columns Per List

Setting this figure to lower than 5, will have no effect.  If, on the other hand , you have more than 5 publications listed on the route, you may increase this figure.  If you have only 5 or fewer publications on the route, this setting will have no effect.  If you are printing a weekly route list, then the number of columns will always be 7, regardless of this setting.

“Account Name” Column Width

The default value for this setting is 1.7 Inches.  The account names are printed in this column, and truncated, so as not to overwrite the next column(s).  The size you choose for this column will depend mainly on the size and style of font you are using for this column.  If the column size is reduced, the freed column space (width) will be evenly distributed among the remaining columns.

Use Publication Colors

If you have set different font colors for each publication, you may check this box in order to print each publication column in it’s own color.

Alternate Column Colors (Black & Blue)

If you are not using publication colors, you can check this box, to have EasyStreets alternate the font colors for each column between black and blue.

Use Black Ink Only

Checking this box will force EasyStreets to print the entire route list, regardless of any settings, using black ink only (no color).

Print Grid on List

If checked (default), will print a line grid on the route list.

Use Grid Highlight

If checked, will print a light gray background on every other row. (this may be used with or without the grid)

Combine Draw with Modifier when Printing

If checked (default), will combine any draw and modifier amounts when printing the draws on the route list, rather than displaying them separately.

Print Returns on List

If checked, printing a route list for any day that returns have already be entered into the system, will print those returns as well as the draws for that day.

Use Footnotes on List

If checked, will print footnotes to the left of account name, designating special instructions for that account. (i.e. B = Bundle, I = Inside Sale, R = Rack Sale).  You may also enter your own footnotes, to do this see FootnotesFootNotes .