Adding Publications

From the “View” menu choose “Publications”.  This will bring up the publications entry/edit form,  as shown below.

1)  Enter the name of the publication in the box marked “Name: (this should be the actual name of the publication, i.e. The Comstock Journal, The Chicago Globe, etc.)  If you enter two publications, say a Daily Comstock Journal and a Sunday Comstock Journal, this name would be the same for both of these publications, since both are The Comstock Journal.

2)  Enter a unique name for the publication. (i.e. if you have a publication that is delivered everyday of the week, but not all days are the same price, then you must enter it as 2 separate publications, one publication unique name may be “Daily Comstock Journal”, while the other may be “Sunday Comstock Journal”)

3)  Enter a unique abbreviation of 3 or 4 letters, designating the unique name. (i.e. for the “Daily Comstock Journal” we would probably use “DCJ” and for the “Sunday Comstock Journal” we would probably use “SCJ”)

4)  Enter the default wholesale and retail price for the publication. (these are only default prices, because each account can have it’s own prices, set by you, that may differ from the ones entered here.)

5)  Select the Route List Font Color.  If a route list has more than publication column on it, then you can opt to print each publication column using it’s unique font color. (i.e. for this publication we have chosen blue.  For the Sunday Comstock Journal we might choose red.  If your printer does not print in color, then we would suggest using only black.)

6)  “Active Pub” by default should be checked. (this would be unchecked for any publication, you no longer distribute, as you cannot delete a publication after it has been entered.)

7)  Delivery Days: Check each corresponding box for each day of the week that this publication is delivered. (i.e. for the “Daily Comstock Journal” that would be every day except Sunday, and for the “Sunday Comstock Journal”, only Sunday would be checked.)

8)  Use Autocalc: By default this box is checked.  Autocalc, is a feature of EasyStreets that will allow it to calculate your draws based on prior sales of this publication for a specified period, and these parameters in the next 4 boxes.  For more information on Autocalc, see Using AutocalcAUTOCALC.

9)  When you are sure you have correctly entered all of the information for the publication, click on the “Save” button to add it to the list of publications on the left side of the form. (you will want to enter all your publications BEFORE entering any accounts, since you must add some or all of these publications to each account as it is entered.)