Printing Route Lists and Route List Groups

Below is an image of the Print Route List Dialog.

It is from here that you will print your route list(s) or groups of lists.  If you have not already created any Routes or Groups, please see Creating Routes and Route GroupsCreate_Routes.

Set the date of the route list that you want printed.  If it is a Weekly Route List, set the date to the first day of the weekly route list.

If printing an Individual route list, then select that route list from the drop down list and click the “Print List” button.  If you wish to print route bundle toppers for the route, click the “Print List Topper” button.  The following form will now appear.

You will need to enter the maximum number of papers in each bundle (bundle count), and if it’s a weekly list, select whether or not to print toppers for just the print date or the entire week.  If you only wish to print toppers for selected accounts, then click the “Selected Accounts” button, and then select only those accounts you want toppers printed for.  Click the “OK” button to print.

Note: Bundle toppers can be toggled on or off for any account on any route.  To do this, click on the “Routes and Groups” button and then edit the desired route.

When printing Route Groups, everything works the same as it does when printing individual route lists, only all of the group’s lists and toppers are printed at once, rather than going though the above steps for each route list in the group.

You may click on the “Options” button at the bottom of the form, to adjust or set your route list printing options.

Also, you may click the “Routes and Groups” button if you need to add or edit any routes or groups.