Caculate and Print Account Invoices

Above is an image of the Account Billing form.

Before you can print account Invoices, you must first calculate them.  EasyStreets will keep track of whether to bill 1 week, 2 week, or 4 week accounts, provided you entered this information in the billing parameters, when you first started.  If not, you should do so before going further.  If you do monthly billing, you will need to check the “Monthly” box and insure that the correct month has been selected.  By default EasyStreets will select the last month.

Once the Invoices have been calculated, it is usually not necessary to calculate them again for the same period.  Although, sometimes it may be.

By default, all Invoices that are due in the marked periods, are calculated or printed when the corresponding button is clicked.  If only some accounts need calculating or printing, then click on the “Some” radio button.  The following form will appear you may now select only those accounts you wish to Calculate or Print.

Select the Account(s) to include or Exclude (depending on the radio button selection) and add them to the “Selected Accounts” list, or highlight the starting account in the “Available Accounts” list and check the “Start from selected account” box.  You may save commonly referred to lists of accounts as a group for easy selection in future billings, by using the “Save Group As…” and “Load Group” buttons.   Click on the “OK” button when finished to return to the Account Billing form.

Note: Any account included that does not require a bill in the selected billing cycle(s), will be ignored by EasyStreets. (i.e. An account is to receive an invoice every 2 weeks, but we have only checked the 1 week billing box, so that account will be ignored.)

When back at the Account Billing form, click on the “Calculate Invoices” or “Print Invoices” button.  Depending on which you are doing.  Keep in mind, you must have calculated the invoices for the period you wish to print invoices, or no invoices will be printed for that period.

If you are printing invoices on a printer other than a dot matrix, you may require more than one copy of each invoice.  If so, make sure you select the number of copies desired.

Below is an image of a sample invoice.  Your Invoices may or may not look like this one, depending on the settings of the various options for printing invoices.