Net Change Function

The net change function will allow you to either increase or decrease a given daily draw for any publication, by either an amount or by percentage.  (i.e. there’s a late breaking major news story for the Comstock Journal.  So you add 300 papers to your next day’s draw, and you want them to be evenly distributed among all the accounts, that have the Autocalc feature for this publication enabled.  You enter the setting below and click on the “Increase” button.

1)  If you want any small draws ignored in the computation, then check this box, and enter the maximum size of draws to ignore.

2)  Choose whether to favor large (default) or small draws when performing the calculations.

3)  Choose whether to place the draw increase/decrease in the modifier column (default) or whether to add/subtract the increase/decrease from the draw column, creating new draws.

4)  Choose the computation method, either by amount (default) or by percentage.  And then enter the corresponding amount.  (if using the percentage method to increase (not decrease), percentages above 100 may be used.)  Also, take note that when using the percentage method, the increase in draw will be the specified percentage of the current total draw of all listed accounts for the specified publication.  That figure is then proportionally distributed among the accounts in the list, except for those accounts that have the Autocalc feature disabled. (i.e. If you have a total draw of 1000, and you increase this amount by 20%, then 200 copies will be distributed among the accounts’ draws.)

When decreasing draws, you may enter a minimum draw, that no account will go below during calculations.

After all the setting have been adjusted to your liking, click either the “Increase” or “Decrease” button.

Note: The draws are not saved automatically, you must save the days draws, when you are satisfied with them.  If you are not satisfied with the results, and wish to try again.  Simply click on the “Refresh” button to reload the draws, and when you are asked whether or not to save the changes you made, just answer “No”, and the original draws for that day will be reloaded, and you can perform the Net Change function again if you wish.