Printing a Returns Credit Lookup Table

Below is an image of the Returns Credit Lookup Table form.

This Form will allow you to print returns credit lookup forms (cheat sheets) for your collector(s), so that return credit can be easily and accurately figured, simply by looking up the number of returns from the table.  To do so, please follow the steps below.

1)  First enter a title for the lookup table.

2)  Enter the wholesale price the table will be based upon.

3)  Enter the number lookup entries (must be a multiple of 5).

4)  Select the vertical position on the page that the list will start (in inches).  This allows you to place more than one table on the same page.

5)  Next, set the color of the list (color printer only).  Again, this is useful when printing more than one list.  Making lookup tables distinguishable by color.

6)  Select whether or not to print vertical measuring tics on page.  Again, this is useful when placing more than one table on a page.

7)  Click on the “Print” button when you have the correct page loaded into your printer.