General Options

Show ToolTips

If checked, will allow descriptive text of button function to appear when the mouse hovers over it.

Use Button Text

If Checked, will show button text, as well as the button image.  If not checked, only the image will appear on the toolbar buttons.

Account Zoom-in Days Back

This is the default number of day’s draws that appear, when zooming in on an account.  This is just the default, this number may be adjusted on the zoom-in grid view as well.

Hide Inactive Accounts

This is the default setting for this check box.  You may change this setting on the grid view as well.

Skip All Null Values in Grid

This is the default setting for this check box.  You may change this setting on the grid view as well.

Default Grid View

You may set your default grid view here.  Choose “All Accounts” or any route.

Grid Column Widths

(Small - Medium - Large) Set the grid column width to that which best suits you.

Don’t Show Accounts with Blank (null) Draws

If checked, any account that does NOT receive any publications for delivery on any given day, will not appear on the grid list for that day.  Also, if checked, this will slow down the retrieval of the draws when looking them up from the hard drive.

Use Draw Integrity Checking

If Checked, EasyStreets 2002 will verify the draws and return figures before saving them.  EasyStreets will ensure that all return figures do not exceed the (draw plus modifier) figures for each account before saving.  We Highly recommend using this feature.

Use Publication Colors on Grid

If Checked, will use each publication’s color to display that publications draws and returns.  To set a publication color see Entering and Editing Publications