File Menu Commands

New Company

This will open a blank database file for starting a new company.  Generally speaking, you will only have to do this once.

Open Company

This will open an existing company.  When started, EasyStreets will automatically re-open the last company that was opened in EasyStreets, provided it still exists in last location.  If you have more than one company database file or if you just wish to examine the Sample company, then you would use this command to switch between these Company database files.

Save As...


This will close any open form(s), that you are currently working with.  You will need to close all open forms before performing a backup or restore operation, as well as a repair or compact.


This will allow you to backup your EasyStreets company data.  Preferably on removable media such as a USB thumbdrive.  We recommend you do a backup everyday, rotating through at least 3 different backup files.  This will give you at least three different opportunities to restore backed up data, should the need arise.  Why three or more? You ask.  If you only have one backup file, and it should somehow get corrupted, and you are unable to restore your data, you’d be in big trouble here.  On the other hand, If you have another backup you could restore from, you do not loose much information, depending on the date of the backup.  We cannot stress enough, Always Backup your Data Often!

Log Off

If you have more than one user, and you are using an Admin password, you can, instead of shutting down the application, simply log off as the current user.  This protects your company data, even if you are not at your computer, since anyone wishing to use EasyStreets would need to log on first.  When you return to your desk, you simply log back on to begin working again.

Log On as Different User

Again, If you have multiple users, this will bring up the Log On screen, to allow a different user to log on, or if you have Admin privileges, you can log on as any other user.

Users and security

This will allow you to enter new users, edit or delete existing users, or change any user permissions or passwords.

Note: If the User “Admin” has no password entered, then the log on screen does NOT appear on startup, as it is assumed there is only one user.  If you have multiple users, you will want to set a password for “Admin”.  If you do set a password for “Admin”, please write it down and keep it in a safe place, where you will not lose it.  If you forget your Admin password, you will be unable to log on to your company as “Admin”.

Company Info

This will bring up the Company Information form.  This is where you will want to enter information such as your company Name and Address, etc.  which will be used for the return address on invoices, etc.

Printer Selection

If you have more than one printer attached to your computer or network, then you will want to select which printer will be used for each of the following functions…printing Invoices, printing Reports, and printing Route Lists.  If you only have one printer, then you will not need to use this function.


            Route Lists

            Please see Printing Route Lists

            Bundle Toppers

            Please see Printing Bundle Toppers

            Returns Lookup Table

            Please see Printing a Returns Lookup Table

            Store Invoices

            Please see Calculating and Printing Invoices


                        Draw and Returns Reports

                        Please see Draw and Returns Reports

                        Wholesale Revenue Report

                        Please see Wholesale Revenue Reports

                        Vending Collections Reports

                        Please see Vending Collections Reports

                        Sales Locations Reports

                        Please see Sales Location Reports


This will end the current EasyStreets session.