Entering Vending Collection Data

EasyStreets will also store vending machine collection data for easy reporting and monitoring.  Collections may be entered for either an individual vending machine or a group of machines, depending on your collection preferences.  If a group of vending machines are collected into a single container for accounting, then you will need to create a group containing these machines, so that EasyStreets will know which draws to apply toward the tabulation of the collection data, when it is entered.

When producing collection data reports, EasyStreets will (provided returns data has been entered by you) determine the number of papers sold and at what price, in order to display the amount that should have been collected, provided there was no loss factor in the vending sale, although there will almost always be some loss.  But the key to monitoring collections, is determining what constitutes a normal hold percentage as opposed to an unusually low hold percentage.

If you live in a state that charges sales tax on your vending sales, then the reports will also calculate what portion of the collection is Sales Tax.

1)  From the “Activities” menu choose “Enter Vending Collections”

2)  You will see the following form.

3)  Select the group or account for which you wish to enter collection data and click on the “Collections” button.

4)  You will see the next form displaying that group’s/account’s collections.

5)  Click on the “New” button to enter a new collection.

6)  Now the collection entry form will appear.

7)  Select the “From” date for the collection.  For proper collection calculations, this should be the date of the collection prior to this one.

8)  Now enter the date of this collection.

9)  Enter the amount collected in the amount box.  Do not use any punctuation or symbols other than a decimal point.

10)  Click on the “Save” button to save the collection and the following form will appear.

11)  If your collector gathers these figures, you’ll will want to enter them here.  If not, just hit <Enter> three times to accept the default values.  Whether or not you use this feature is up to you, although the calculations will be somewhat better if this feature is used.

12)  When you are done entering collection data for this group/account, click on the “Close” button to close the form.

To Edit a collection entry…

1)  Select the collection from the list of collections and click the “Edit” button.

2)  To delete one select it, and then click the “Delete” button.