Draw and Return Reports

Below is image of the Draw and Returns Report Setup dialog.

To set the report period dates, simply click on the date and select the date from the calendar.

Select which accounts are to be included in the report.  To select an entire route list, select the route from the dropdown list and click on the “Add Route” button.  For individual accounts, select one in the list to the left and click on the “Add” buttton.  For All accounts, simply clear the list on the right.

Next choose the Account type(s), to report only on vending accounts, only store accounts or both store and vending accounts.

Check the “Display Mon-Fri Totals”,  to display a 5-day subtotal, as well as a weekly total.

Check the “Separate by Zip Code”, to group the report by Zip Codes.

Check the “Show Acct. Detail”, to display each account’s daily sales separately.

From the dropdown box, select the first day of the week for the report.  For most, this will be “Monday”.

Select, from the dropdown boxes, which publications to display in each column.  For column 2 you may select “None”, if only one column is desired.

When you are satisfied with the settings, click on the “print” button to preview the report in a window.  You may then send any portion of the report to the printer.  You may also e-mail the report, or save it as a file, in any number of formats.

Below is an image of the Report Preview Window.