Creating Route Lists

EasyStreets Defines a Route List as This:  A listing of accounts (stops) and a listing of publication(s) that are delivered to these accounts, maintained in a delivery order set by you.  You may adjust the order of the publications as well as the accounts.  You may also set footnotes for any accounts on the list, and whether or not an account is to have bundle toppers printed for it.

You may create as many routes as needed, and they may be named and numbered, although, if numbering is used, the route number must be between 1 an 9999.  Routes may also share route numbers.  For instance, if you have a route that delivers different publications on Sunday as opposed to Monday through Friday. You may have two route lists, say, Route 4 - “East Side Daily” and Route 4 - “East Side Sunday”.  They are the same route with the same carrier, just different lists for the different days.

Below is an image of the Route List Dialog.  To edit an existing route list. Select the route to edit and click on the “View/Edit” button.  Continue down the page to find out how to create a new route list.

Click the “New Route” Button on the route dialog form, and the route detail form will appear, as shown below here.

1)  Enter a route number for the route (this number does NOT have to be unique to the route list).

2)  Now give the route a name…this is usually descriptive of the route and it’s location.

3)  You may also enter the assigned route carrier’s name here (this is optional)

4)  To add accounts(stops) to the route list, highlight one from the “All Stops” list and click the “Add” button.

5)  The “Insert” button will also add the selected account to the list, but rather than put it at the end of the list, it will place it above the selected account in the “Route Stops” list.  Do not be too concerned, if the accounts are not ordered exactly as you would like them.  You can always rearrange the route order of the accounts simply by using “drag and drop” on the list.

6)  Using the Publications list, add publications to the route list in the same manner that was used to add the accounts.  These may also be rearranged via “drag and drop”.

7)  To mark an account with a Footnote, select the account from the “Route Stops” list and select the footnote from the dropdown list.  To create a new footnote not already in the list, click on the “Footnotes” button. Footnotes will allow you to place one character to the left of any account on a route list to denote a specific delivery instruction (i.e. B = Bundle papers, I = Inside Account, etc.).  You may create and use any footnotes you desire.

8)  To mark an account to print a bundle topper, select the account from the “Route Stops” list and check the “Bundle Topper” checkbox.  If checked, this will allow you to print a bundle topper for the selected account.

9)  When satisfied that the route list is finished, click on the save button.

Note: All route lists may be edited or deleted at any time.  There is also no limit to the number of route lists that may be created.