Creating Draws and Entering Returns

Much of your time spent with EasyStreets, will be right here, on this form.  This is where you will create your draws, enter your returns, or simply view draws and returns for a given day or account.  You may use the “Previous” and “Next” buttons to browse the draws by date, or click on the date and select a given day from the calendar control.  The “Today” button will bring you back to Today’s date.  The “Refresh” button will reload the draws from the hard drive.   The “Notes” button will allow you enter any date specific information about the draws for the selected date. (If the “Notes” button flashes, then notes for that day exist.)  Select an account from the grid and click on the “Zoom” button to view an accounts draws/returns for the last 60 (default) or more days (See image at bottom of this page).

You can view any day’s draw and modify it, and then save it as the same day or a different day.  For instance, view last Tuesday’s draw and returns figures, and then change the draws using the returns figures as a guide, then click the “Save as…” button to save the new draw as this Tuesday.  We have just manually created a new draw for this Tuesday.

When saving any changes you made to any day’s draw/return figures, the following dialog will appear.  If you are saving the changes for the same date, then all figures will be saved exactly as shown in the grid.  If, on the other hand, you are saving the altered draws/returns to a new date, then by default, only the draws will be saved.  In order to save either the return or modifier figures, you must check the appropriate box on the dialog.  If saving the modifier figures, you may also choose to either combine the mod column with the draw column upon saving or keep them separate (default).

Once you have enough sales data in your database, EasyStreets can use this information to “AutoCalc” draws for you, based on the sales figures selected by you.  For more information on this, see Using AutoCalcAUTOCALC.  For other draw features see the Net ChangeNET_CHANGE function.

You may also use the “List” dropdown box to specify a subset (route) of accounts rather than “All Accounts”, as shown in the image below.  This has certain advantages, such as allowing AutoCalc or Net Change to only be performed on certain accounts or routes, or even for entering return figures for one route at a time.

Below is a zoomed view of an account’s draws/returns.  In this view, the “Previous” and “Next” buttons will browse all the accounts in display order, or you can choose which account to view from the dropdown account list.  Click on the “Back” button to leave zoom mode.

Note: The “Save” button in zoom mode will only save the changes made to the account they were entered on.  Do not click on the “Save” button, if you do not wish to save any editing you may have done to the account.