Account Billing and Payment History

When viewing the Accounts form, click on the “History” button to view this form.  Below is an image of the history form.  This form is also used for entering Payments, Charges, and Credits.  Payments and return credits may easily be entered using your keyboard’s 10-key pad, with the enter key moving the focus from field to field.

To view a different account’s history, you may enter the account number in the box labeled as such, and then hit the enter key.  You may also select an account from the drop-down list of accounts or you can browse the accounts using the “Next” and “Previous” buttons.

On this form, there is a list of the account’s history entries.  The only entries that can be deleted from this list, are the ones entered by you from this form.  All other entries are maintained by EasyStreets.  If an account uses the Auto-returns feature, then EasyStreets will enter individual return figures for each publication.  These entries can only be deleted and/or changed by EasyStreets, when and if the account’s invoice is re-calculated.  Although you can always enter other return credits, using this form, if need be.

When entering amounts on this form.  Only enter them as positive numbers (no negatives).  EasyStreets will be able to determine this based on your entry type selection.

The “Print” button will print the accounts history in a balance sheet format.  If need be, this form is printed in such a manner that it can easily be tri-folded and put in a windowed envelope for easy mailing.