Autocalc is a feature of EasyStreets that, if used, will compute the individual draws for each account, based on each account’s net sales over a given lookup period.

Whenever you enter a publication into EasyStreets, you have the option of enabling Autocalc for that publication (default is enabled), and entering your default settings for the four Autocalc parameters that can be adjusted for each publication.  They are…

Percent of Net Sale: After Autocalc has determined the average net sale for an account, using the lookup period specified, it will then add this percentage of the net sale to the net sale itself, to calculate the new draw for the account.  (i.e. Let’s assume we have this set at 20%.  If the average net sale for this account is 10, then 20% of that amount would be 2, therefore, the new draw would be 12)

Minimum Add: This is the minimum amount that will be added to the average net sale for this account, regardless of the “Percentage of Net” setting.  (i.e. Let’s assume we have this set at 2.  If the average net sale for this account is 5, then 20% would be only 1, therefore we would add the net sale of 5 plus the minumum add of 2, and our new draw would be 7)

Maximum Add: This is the maximum amount that will be added to the average net sale for this account, regardless of the “Percentage of Net” setting.  (i.e.  Let’s assume we have this set at 4.  If the average net sale for this account is 30, then 20% of this would be 6, which is more than our maximum add.  Therefore the new draw would be our average net sale plus our maximum add of 4 for a total of 34)

Minimum Draw: If the calculated draw is less than this amount, then it will be increased to this amount.  (i.e. Let’s assume this is set at 3. If the calculated draw is only 2, then it will be increased to the minimum draw of 3)

In addition to the publication Autocalc settings listed above, every account publication has it’s own set of these Autocalc parameters that if set differently, will override the publication default settings.  Each account publication also has it’s own Autocalc enable/disable setting, as there may be certain account draws, that you do not wish to alter.

This is the Autocalc form.  To view this form, open the Draws and Returns form and then click on the Autocalc button.  Continue further down this page see how to use this form.

Performing an Autocalc

1)  Set the week ending date to the week that will contain the dates you wish to Autocalc draws for.

2)  Check the box(s) corresponding to the individual days of the week, that you would like draws calculated for. (i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.)

3)  Check each publication that you want draws calculated for.

4)  Adjust the lookup period dates, and then uncheck any days or weeks in the lookup period, that you do NOT wish to use.  Only the checked weeks or days, will be used.  This is useful if there are any days or weeks that may have unusually high or low net sales, that might skew the resulting draws.

5)  When all the setting are to your liking, click on the “AutoCalc Now” button, and the following form will appear.

6)  If you check the first radio button, Autocalc will use the default Autocalc parameters of each accounts’ publication(s) when determining the draws.

7)  If you choose the second radio button, you can enter new parameters to be used instead of the account’s publication(s) settings.  In this sample case we’ve set the Percent of Net to 25, Minimum Draw to 1, Minimum Add to Net to 1,  and Maximum Add to Net to 8.

8)  Now we have to choose one of the next three radio buttons in order to tell Autocalc which accounts we want these parameters to be applied to, and how we want them applied.

·         If we choose “Only for accounts with default parameters” then these parameters will only be used on those accounts that match the default “Percent of Net” entered for this publication.  All other accounts will use their existing parameters.

·         If we choose “For all Autocalc Accounts”, then every account will use these parameters regardless of it’s account publication settings.  Unless the Autocalc function has been disabled for a given accounts publication.

·         If you choose “Use as a Variance”, then you would want to enter either a positive or negative amount with which to adjust each account publication’s Autocalc parameters either up or down.  Entering a zero in any parameter will cause no change to take affect for that parameter.  For instance, if a given accounts publication’s “Percent of Net” is 25 and you had entered a variance of -5 in the “Percent of Net” box, then the draw would be calculated based on only 20% of net as opposed to 25% of net.  If another account’s publication “Percent of Net” was set at 18 then it would subsequently use a “Percent of Net” of 13.  Again, this will apply to all accounts’ publications that have the Autocalc feature enabled.

Also see Using the “Net Change” function