Adding Accounts

From the “View” menu choose “Accounts”.  This will bring up the Accounts entry/edit form, as shown below.


1)  Enter the Account’s name, delivery address, and zip

2)  Enter the Account’s mailing address, zip, and zip+4, if different than delivery address.

3)  Enter the Account’s phone number, and extension, if applicable

4)  Enter the Account’s start date. (this is usually the date the account was first serviced by you.  This date serves no purpose for EasyStreets, it is simply there as a reference for you.)

5)  Enter the Account’s resale license number, if applicable.  (if this account sells any publications inside the store, and they are responsible for the sales tax on them, then you will need to have this number on file.  If you don’t have it at present, it may be entered at a later time, but you should have this number on record ASAP.)

6)  The comments box is available for you to enter whatever other information you may deem appropriate for the Account.

7)  If this account sells no publications inside the store, then skip to step 12.  Select the appropriate billing interval from the dropdown list.  (Never, weekly, 2-week, 4-week, monthly)

8)  Check the “Show Prior Balance” box, if you wish the invoice to carry forward the Account’s balance from invoice to invoice.  This is the default, and recommended setting.

9)  Check the “Show Only Net Sale on Invoice” box, if this Account’s invoice will show only the net sale, as opposed to showing gross sale and return credit.  ( to use this feature, you must have the “Auto Returns” box checked for at least one of this Account’s publications.)

10)  Check the “Show Rtns on log” box, if you wish to show the daily returns, as well as the daily draws, on the Daily Log Grid at the bottom of each invoice.

11)  Check the “Show MSRP Ea.” Box, if you wish to show the retail price each as well as the wholesale price each, for each publication listed on the Account’s Invoice.

12)  Click on the “Save” button to add this account to the list of accounts on the left.  This will now bring up the “Account Publications Form” as shown below.  Continue down this page to see how to add publications to this account.

Adding Publications to an Account  

We must now add all the publications that are delivered to this account.  To add a new publication to this account, click on the “Add” button, and you will see the “Account Publication Detail form”, as shown below.

1)  Select the publication you wish to add, from the dropdown list.  (any given publication can only be added once to each account.

2)  The default wholesale and retail prices for this publication have been entered into the appropriate boxes for this account.  If you so desire, you may enter different prices here, and they will only be used with this account, and will not affect the default prices that were set when you originally entered the publication.  (every account maintains it’s own price history for each publication assigned to it.  Therefore, any prices may be assigned to any account for any publication, regardless of the default prices.)